A Resource for Teachers, Clinicians, Parents, and Students by the Brain Injury Association of New York State.


Informative/Introductory Videos:
1. Welcome to LEARNet, Judith Avner
2. Problem Solving System Video Introduction, Mark Ylvisaker
3. BIANYS Information and Resources Video, Judith Avner
4. Introduction to Brain Injury, Brian Reiger
5. Survivor Vide
6. Parents’ Experience Video

Video Tutorials:
Cognitive/Academic Issues:
Tutorial: Advance Organizers
Video Tutorial: Advance Organizers

Tutorial: Conversation and Cognition
Video Tutorials: Conversational Approach to Cognitive Facilitation:

1. Conversation and Cognition

2. Conversation between Preschooler and his Dad

3. Conversation between two older boys and their dad

4. Conversation between two older boys

Tutorial: Errorless Learning
Video Tutorial: Errorless Learning

Tutorial: Instructional Routines
Video Tutorial: Positive Behavioral Momentum

Tutorial: Learning Trials
Video Tutorials: Learning Trials  

1. Massed vs. Distributed Learning Trials

2. Discrete vs. Embedded Learning Trials

3. Context-Sensitive vs. Decontextualized Learning Trials

4. Planned vs. Unplanned Learning Trials

5. Deliberate vs. Incidental Learning Trials

6. Consequence-Oriented vs. Antecedent-Supported Learning Trials

7. Extrinsically vs Intrinsically Reinforced Learning Trials

Tutorial: Retrieval and Retrieval Problems
Video Tutorial: Types of Retrieval

Self-Regulation/Executive Function Issues:

Tutorial: Self-Regulation/Executive Function Routines after TBI
Video Tutorials:

1.  Goal-Obstacle-Plan-Do-Review Script

2. Hard To Do/Easy To Do Script

3. Ready/Not Ready Script

4. Big Deal/Little Deal Script
5. Scary/Not Scary (Safety Judgment Script)

6. Choice/ No Choice Script

7. Play to Change Plays (Flexibility Routine) Script

8. Experimental Script

Behavioral Issues:

Tutorial: Behavior Management: Prevention Strategies
Video Tutorials: Positive Behavior Supports

1. Introduction to Positive Behavior Supports Illustrations

2. Re-enactment: Positive Behavior Supports

3. Illustration: Positive Behavior Supports
4. Positive Behavioral Momentum

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